"One of the reasons I founded Lara Abrams Communications is that regardless of industry, it can be hard to find great rainmakers."


We are a bespoke corporate development and strategy consultancy to lower middle market and middle market companies.  

As a company, we've purposefully stayed small - we take on only a few client engagements each year.  Since the company's inception in the early 2000's, we've worked with more than 40 clients, both domestic and international. They have ranged in gamut - from privately held, to companies venture or private equity backed, and some with multi-national operations.  Some big names, some you've never heard of, but one day hopefully will, and some who prefer to just not have their name in lights. 

Results-Oriented Corporate Development & Strategy Consulting.  

This is all we do.  Clients have consistently confirmed the strength of Lara Abrams Communications to render a cohesive, singular, critical path to success through often complex, multi-part, multi-level series of issues, activity and data in often difficult-to-penetrate markets.  And "in the trenches" experience gives Lara Abrams Communications a unique perspective from which to assist clients. 


We schedule a debrief to better understand your business model and particular corporate development needs. It's important to understand your 30-60-90-120 day priorities and "to-do" list.  From there it's usually pretty straightforward to develop a working plan together focused on strategic lead generation and/or partner development priorities, communications and messaging strategy development. 


Reach me at lara at lara abrams dot com.